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The New MarisaMade

Hello dear friend! Welcome to the new MarisaMade shop site!! Things look pretty different, right?! I’ve made a huge change in the focus of my business, and I’m so eager to tell you all about it! Here it goes!

Prior to COVID, I mostly worked on wedding projects- custom invitations, wedding calligraphy, custom pieces like marriage certificates, etc. Weddings were fun, and I loved my clients. I was even featured by BRIDES, which was a dream come true! Then, COVID hit, and all my wedding business came to a halt. I had 0 jobs lined up for 2020, so I had to pivot quickly, or close shop.


I turned to painting (which was how MarisaMade started in the beginning. Funny!) I wanted to paint flowers because they make people happy, and Lord knows, 2020 was dark…so we needed a little light! As I painted my spring floral collection, I made a last minute decision to make a floral WV print. I wish I could tell you it was well planned, but it was an afterthought. Much to my surprise, that one print took off like a rocket, and my shop sales soared with this one little print!

I made it into a sticker. Sales went crazy again! Then, I decided to go all in, and create prints of each state’s bird and flower in a pretty pattern. It took me from May 2020- January 2021 to complete this project. It’s the biggest thing I have tackled to date. My main goal was to create beautiful pieces to reach my wonderful customers and loyal supporters (YOU!) who have encouraged me all of these years. So, I made a HUGE decision.

I scrapped my original website which had wedding work, and opened a Shopify store where I am filling the spaces with state prints, fun, colorful stationery, notepads, and accessories like stickers! I finally realized that these pieces have the potential to serve you! (Y’all- it has taken me 7 years to figure this stuff out. I don’t even have it all figured out, but I feel I’m on the right path!) There is so much joy in each of these pieces, and I hope that it brings joy to you in your home.  

I am also beginning a new blog called The Flourishing Fox where I can share more of my life as a parent of kids with different abilities, and continue to raise awareness for FOXG1 Syndrome. (Pictured above is my sweet son, Maxwell who has FOXG1 in his stander.) MarisaMade stationery will continue to have a little place where FOXG1 is mentioned to continue to raise awareness through the letters we send out into the world.

I hope that you love this new change with MarisaMade! I think this is the beginning of a really fun and beautiful journey! I’d love to hear your feedback on the change and what you would like to learn/see from MarisaMade in the future!

Xoxo dear friend!

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  • Love the site, Marissa. Thanks for sharing about your path. I hadn’t heard of FOXG1 until today. Sending positive and supportive energy your way!

    Lizzie Clark

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