DIY Halloween Bat Decor

DIY Halloween Bat Decor

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Now that we are in October, I have been seeing a lot of pictures with ADORABLE bat decor! I love it! I had my heart set on paper bats in my living room, and instead of buying some, I decided to DIY! Thinking of bats made me want to create a big moon for them to fly across, which reminded me of the movie Hocus Pocus. Are you getting “If you give a mouse a cookie” vibes yet? One thing just kept leading to another. Now, I want to share how I created this look so you can DIY some décor too!


Use a bat template, like the one here, and trace the small, medium, and large bats on to black cardstock paper and cut. (I used recollections cardstock from Michaels.)
 *Timesaver- Fold the paper in half, trace half a bat on the paper and cut along the fold. Saved.Me.So.Much.Time.
 Once your bats are all cut out, fold them in half for the 3D effect, and arrange them however you want using double sided tape to affix them onto your surface.

“SCROLL” Decor

Get a roll of kraft paper (purchased mine from Hobby Lobby.)
Measure how long you want your sign to be, then add enough blank paper to the top so you can roll paper to make a header for your “scroll.”
For my piece, I traced a large circle, and painted it with white acrylic paint. I created stars and moons with a white sakura gel pen.
I then lettered “It’s just a little Hocus Pocus”. (The actual quote from the movie is “It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus.” Oops=)
 I used thumb tacks to affix my scroll to the wall, and started taping bats on it! Easy!


Paint a piece of wood or canvas black. (I used tricorn black acrylic interior/exterior paint by Sherwin Williams, but you can use any black acrylic paint!)
Let it dry.
Use a white acrylic paint pen to letter whatever quote/word you would like!
Mine says, “Come little children I’ll take thee away into a land of enchantment.”
 The rest of the décor are craft pumpkins I purchased from Michaels years ago. The foliage in the vase is from Dollar General and was the only thing I spent money on ($5).
Have fun DIYing your own Halloween Décor, and if you make the bats, tag me on social (@marisa_made) so I can see and comment on your awesome decorations!
Note: I’m not an affiliate with any of the sites tagged in this post=)

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