Hello! I'm marisa.

Welcome to MarisaMade!! I'm Marisa Jackson, artist and designer of all things in this shop! My most important job is being a mom to my 3 boys! My husband, kids, and I reside in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, which are a constant source of inspiration.

MarisaMade began as a creative outlet for me as a stay and home mom, and grew into a stationery shop where I offer hand-painted stationery, pattern designs, art prints, and gifts items like stickers! 

Woman with dark brown hair sitting in a chair smiling

Cards for a cause- FOXG1 syndrome

Part of my mission as a creative is to use my art for good. My middle son has a rare genetic syndrome called FOXG1 and I try to raise awareness for FOXG1 syndrome through my artwork. My greeting cards all have a message of awareness about FOXG1 syndrome to help spread the word!

I am also a volunteer with the FOXG1 Research Foundation, and I absolutely love helping our families in the disability community.

For all of the process behind the creative goodness, follow me on instagram! I hope that you enjoy what you see, and feel free to drop me a note to say hey! 

6 things about me

1. I'm a professional calligrapher and member of IAMPETH

2. My husband is an Engineer- the opposite of me. I like to guesstimate, and he's has to measure everything exactly!

3. I am deeply in love with dahlias and grow several varieties in my backyard, as well as other cut flowers and veggies! I am also obsessed with my compost pile. Weird, but I love it!

4. My husband and I love cooking/baking! Every week we usually have some homemade treat hanging out in the kitchen. Right now, I'm trying to perfect a meatball recipe!

5. Jennifer Garner was my tap and ballet teacher when I was little!! I remember she used to treat myself and the other girl in our tap class with whistle pops! When she left to pursue her educational career as an actress, she wrote me a note telling me never to give up! Of course, I lost the note, but I've never forgotten her advice! 

6. I love the library and am currently reading series like Bridgerton, Fourth Wing, A Court of Thorn and Roses. It's the Romance and Fantasy/Fairy books for me!