The Warrior card

The warrior card was designed to help special needs parents and caregivers advocate for their child.

As a special needs mom, many people ask me what my son, Maxwell has. I happily answer, but know they may not remember everything I have said. In addition to educating people I meet, I am also educating doctors, EMT employees, therapists, teachers, and any other professional who may meet my son. It is important that I can provide a tangible piece of information to help them remember and know a few things about my son.

I want you to have access to this amazing resource my friend, Lan, so generously coded for our special needs community.

THE WARRIOR CARD IS FREE! Once you plug your name and email address in, you can create your very own card for your child and download it. You can then print it from home or through a company like Vistaprint.

I hope this helps you in your journey to advocate for your little one. Special thanks to Lan, for devoting her time to making this possible.

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