Digitize Your Lettering Photoshop Action

Digitize Your Lettering Photoshop Action


Save yourself tons of time digitizing lettering, inked in black on white paper, by using this photoshop action!

Take a scanned in image of your lettering and digitize your work with a few clicks of a button! This photoshop action quickly creates a transparent background for your lettering art so that you can start designing!

This action is perfect for artists who want to use their own lettering and reproduce it digitally.

*Note: This works with artwork inked in black on white paper.

* Must have Photoshop CC to run the action.

Included in this download:

  • Action File

  • PDF Installation and Step-by-Step Instructions How to Use the Action

  • Photoshop Action Video Tutorial is embedded into the PDF Instructions

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Download the .zip file.

Unzip and use the .pdf to install and use your action. A video tutorial link is also available if you prefer to watch installation and usage instructions!