The Warrior Card is Here! and It's FREE!


What is his condition? What does he have? These are questions I have been asked before when I take Max out in public. People are curious, and I can see them trying to choose their words carefully when they ask about Maxwell. So many times, I wished I had a card or something to hand to them that introduced them to Maxwell and his condition.

 A good friend of mine, Elise Esposito, recommended that I make a business card to hand out to people everywhere we go to start raising awareness and help people learn about FOXG1 Syndrome. It was a brilliant idea! (Elise is a mother to 2 daughters, one of whom has Sanfillipo Disease. She and her husband advocate fiercely for their little girl, Keira!)

 I set out to design the Warrior Card, but I ran into roadblocks. There was no way I could design a card that allowed tons of people to edit it, without them having to pay a subscription. ugh. I tried Canva, but Canva doesn’t keep info confidential when editing a group document. le sigh. I was stumped, irritated and annoyed because I KNEW this was possible, and I wanted this to be FREE and accessible to our special needs community.

 I storied on Instagram about the difficulty I was having. Several of you offered helpful suggestions, and then, my friend, Lan, a software developer, came to my rescue. Lan generously devoted her time and professional skill to creating and coding the Warrior Card for all to use! I’m still in awe at Lan’s generosity!


 1.     Visit (This works best on a desktop as opposed to mobile device.)

2.     Type in your email address and name.

3.     Fill in your child’s info in the form provided.

4.     Download your card.

5.     Print it!!

Note: For best results, use your desktop and a browser like chrome. For some reason, safari has given us a little difficulty.

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 As a mother of a child with a rare syndrome, we educate medical professionals all the time because they have not heard of FOXG1 Syndrome. The Warrior Card is another tool we can use to educate and advocate for our kids!

 I hope you all find this tool helpful! Please SHARE this with friends and family who may need to make a card for their child!

Special thanks to:

Elise Esposito for suggesting I make an informative card!

 Lan, for developing the Warrior Card

April Brown, for naming the Warrior Card