NEW Product Line to Raise Awareness for FOXG1 Syndrome

Launching a NEW product line in May 2019!!!

When I say that aloud…it sounds really terrifying and exciting...especially because my heart is all in on this one. Many of you know I am a mom to three boys, and my middle son Maxwell, has a rare genetic syndrome called FOXG1. It is a neurological condition that affects all aspects of his development. He doesn’t walk, talk, sit or stand, and is the sunshine in the room! He is persistent, loving, patient, and has this smile that will melt your heart.


Maxwell and I have had to fight for the things he has…it has not been easy. (Read more about our beginning here.) Trying to get anything done in special needs world is not a straight shot. There are always multiple phone calls that need to be made, multiple professionals you must meet with, and if I had $5 every time someone told me no, or it’s not possible…I would have enough to buy a wheelchair van. He shouldn’t have to fight for things he needs, so I do that part for him. I am still learning everyday, but the one thing I know is that there is nothing more important than raising your voice. When you care about something or someone so passionately, and let other people in, they start caring about your cause and want to participate by spreading the word!

Raise your voice t-shirt

 May 2019, I am launching an apparel/lifestyle line with designs that will inspire and encourage you to use your voice to advocate for the people and causes you care about. (See one of the shirt designs above!) I designed each shirt with uplifting and motivational phrases to get you going! I am proud to have collaborated with other small businesses within West Virginia and Texas – small businesses like mine, to bring you high quality products! So not only does your purchase benefit multiple small businesses, but also a portion of the profit will go to the International FOXG1 Foundation to help research a cure and also help my family.

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Cure FoxG1 Syndrome.jpg

 At the heart of the product line is the fox I designed for Maxwell’s second birthday. The fox was only intended to be used on t-shirts for our family so we could show our support for Max, but with the help of you, our friends, family and fox community, we were able to use my t-shirt design to raise $4000 for Max and $2-$4000 for the International FOXG! Foundation. In that moment, I realized my artwork could help raise awareness for FOXG1 syndrome. It kinda felt like a calling.  

I want you to know, that your kindness, support, and love for my boy inspired me to create something where you can be a part of this journey with us. Having a community of people walk with us means the world, and makes all the difference.

I am beyond excited to introduce these products to you! Over the next few weeks, I will be revealing more about the new line! Please make sure you are all signed up to receive MarisaMade mail so you don’t miss the excitement around the launch of this very special, heartfelt foxy line.

 With Gratitude and Love,