Best Anniversary Gift Ever!

Book with hand-painted florals and calligraphy

I received an email inquiry from a man who had written a 20 stanza poem for his wife to celebrate their 41st anniversary. The poem covered their whole lifetime together from first glances, to illness, to marriage, children, and their devotion to God. My client did not want a typical piece done on one sheet of flat fine art paper. He wanted something different, and different is my specialty! woohoo!


 My idea was to create a book where I would calligraph the entire poem on several pages, bind it in a book with an engraving on the front. I was also asked to create a watercolor floral painting that showed off one of her favorite flowers – the hydrangea. He also wanted to add the columbine – because he was originally from Colorado. I also painted the title page of the book with delicate leaves and little spots of gold shimmer!


I worked with Claire Magnolia to create a beautiful book covered in dupioni silk with silver engraving on the front that read “Our Years.” The book pages were bound by a lovely satin ribbon and had a well-crafted place to slip the painting, and ending inscription into the front and back of the book.


It was a beautiful project and if you check out my page on Google, you can read the review my client wrote regarding this project! I absolutely loved this project and was honored to be asked to create this piece for my client and his wife!

Putting your words to paper is one of the most incredible gifts you can give to your significant other! They will cherish it forever!