The Simple Reason We Mom 365, 24/7

Last week, my kids were sick. My husband was sick. I did everything in my power to not get sick, but some things you cannot avoid, like your child who just wants mommy to cuddle and then proceeds to cough all over you. Or the time I used what I call the “boogie sucker” (aka bulb syringe) on Max’s nose and instead of going in the tissue, the snot somehow ricocheted off of the tissue and landed on my face and in my hair. Right before placing Max in his tub, he peed on me. I couldn’t help but think this was a metaphor for the events that took place that day. I went to bed exhausted.

I woke up sick, and wondered how did my mom do this?

New day, same routine. My hair resembles a nest. I am the picture perfect example of what not to wear. Is it too early for wine? I opted for coffee. The rest of the day was a blur, but the kids were getting better, dinner was on the table, and I was still in my pajamas from the day before.

That night, we watched a Lego Movie with the kids while quarantined to sick bay. The whole time I was watching, I kept thinking, “OH MY GOSH, MOMS ARE TOTALLY LIKE THE SPECIAL!”  (Spoiler alert, yes, everyone is special, but we are talking about moms here!) 

You are the greatestmost interestingmost important person of all times to your children. They will never know all you have sacrificed, and probably won’t fully appreciate all you do until they have kids of their own, but you make their world go round. You wear all the hats, and can do a million things at once. WOW! Instead of asking myself how my mom did it, I asked, why? That’s when the answer to both questions revealed itself.  


It’s just that simple. You’re amazing, the greatest, one of a kind, queen of the castle, leader of your tribe, and don’t forget, you are still you too. I hope you all celebrate your moms and do something nice for yourself because after all, you deserve it. Happy early Mother’s day from the gal who is still in pajamas, sipping coffee, and signing off to put my mom hat on because the pitter patter of feet running down the hall tells me nap time is over.   

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