love watercolor & Calligraphy?

Yeah?! Me too! Paint brushes & Pens are my kind of thing!

Hi! i'm marisa,

calligrapher, watercolor artist, boy mom, & wife

My super power is understanding what people feel. I love adding personality & personalization to paper goods while telling a good story. I am passionate about working with people who love hand-made goods and have a deep appreciation for the artistry that makes their item one of a kind.

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why i started marisamade

Early Calligraphy practice from 2015

Early Calligraphy practice from 2015

Calligraphy work from 2018

Calligraphy work from 2018

As a stay at home mom, I missed working…missed my coworkers…missed getting out of the house…missed feeling like my old self. I love my kids, but needed something to make me feel like me again. So, I started drawing again.

My educational background is in Fine Arts and I have an MBA. People began asking for prints of my artwork, and so I decided to put my education and talent to use and officially start selling my illustrations. I created a collection of 10 children’s watercolor illustrations, and only 1 illustration sold. The rest were a flop.

Prior to my 2nd son begin born, I took a pointed pen calligraphy class on a whim. I just wanted to know how to hand-letter like all of the artists I saw on I became obsessed with letterform, the beauty, the artistry, and the training it took to become a good calligrapher. I also fell in love with the calligraphy community on Instagram. 3 years after taking my first class, I began offering calligraphy as a professional service.

When my 2nd baby was born, we discovered he has a rare genetic syndrome called FOXG1. He cannot walk, talk, sit, speak, or feed himself, but he is the happiest little guy on the planet.

to learn more about foxg1, read this!

He taught me perseverance, and when I look at my life, I cannot make excuses for things anymore. I have an incredible kid who works so hard everyday. He inspires me to work to my fullest potential.

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MarisaMade is my creative outlet, and professional means of telling my clients’ stories while being able to contribute to my family while staying at home. I hope you enjoy my little corner, and stay awhile!



Street Cred

Marisa Jackson is a professionally trained calligrapher who specializes in the traditional hand of copperplate. She is a member of IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penman Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting). She has studied under some of the best calligraphers: