Photo Credit | Meredith Dickens Photography

Photo Credit | Meredith Dickens Photography

Hey y’all!

I am so happy you are here! I’m Marisa, and I would like to welcome you to my little shop, MarisaMade! I have a passion for story telling and translating it through illustration. Here in this shop you will find a variety of services and products offered including calligraphy, design, illustration, stationery, and wooden signs for any occasion. 

MarisaMade began out of my rekindled love for creating while being a stay and home mom. I have always loved drawing since I was young and decided to study fine arts, graphic design, and obtain my MBA at University. I worked for 12+ years in design and human resources until I had my first son. That is the moment I started drawing cute animals for his nursery!

My husband and I recently relocated to the Charleston, WV area with our two boys. My oldest son is obsessed with logos and lettering which is so awesome! In September 2016, we discovered that our youngest son has a very rare condition called FOXG1 Syndrome. Our lives changed instantly...and we set out on this magical journey that leaves me happier, humbled and beyond blessed at the end of each day. You are never finished becoming the person you are meant to be.

I am beyond pumped to be sharing my illustrations, lettering, and design work with you. My work is detailed, playful, meticulous, and thoughtful. Each piece is made with LOVE, otherwise it doesn’t leave my desk!

Incorporating personality, funny inside jokes, or lovely memories into my illustrations is kind of my specialty. I strive to connect the style of lettering, illustration, and feel of each piece specifically to you. 

Join me on instagram where we can connect! Sit, read, stay awhile, and visit often!!! Thanks for joining me here!

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